2018 affiliates

When making decisions on products and services, please keep these companies in mind. They are strong supporters of AIA Mobile and your profession and help the chapter throughout the year, sponsoring events and participating in various ways.

PLEASE NOTE THAT ONLY THE UP-TO-DATE SPONSORS ARE LISTED.  IF YOU HAVE SENT YOUR PAYMENT IN AND YOUR NAME IS NOT APPEARING, please contact us through the “need anything?” section on this website..

Mobile is always looking to expand its network of industry professionals.

Are you interested in becoming an AIA Mobile Affiliate? Come join the family! Contractors, Manufacturers, Distributors, Engineers and more are all invited to see what we’re all about. Plus we feel that our Affiliate Dues are an exceptional deal for all that you get, especially when compared to other organizations.

Our luncheons have been averaging around 28-45 people each month, so they’re a great one-stop shop when you want to network with multiple Mobile-area architects and other professionals all at once.

Please contact us through the form on the first page with any questions or to get our 2017 Potential Affiliates Form