All active AIA members must successfully complete 18 learning units each year, with at least 8 of the 18 hours relating to health, safety and/or welfare.

A member who fails to meet the annual requirement will be given a nine month grace period. Any credit earned in the following year will apply toward the deficit. During the grace period, members are able to report retroactively any activities that were completed in the previous year.

A member who exceeds the annual requirement may carry up to 18 hours (including 8 hours of HSW) over to the next year. Carryover credit can be used for 1 year only and is not cumulative.  Only the number of credits needed to fulfill the annual requirement for the following year may be carried over.

Reporting Information:

Alabama : 12 HSW hrs annually.  The report date is December 31st.

National : 18 HSW hrs annually : Of that 18, 8 must be HSW.   The report date is December 31st.


A few online continuing education sources:

McGraw-Hill Construction Continuing Education Center

Hanley Wood University

AEC Daily

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